​Biography Thierry Gillier

Born in Troyes in 1959, Thierry Gillier comes from a long family line of entrepreneurs in the French textile industry.

In 1985, the former pupil of the very prestigious "Parsons School of Design" and of "Bard College" in New York, where he studied painting and film, Thierry Gillier joined forces with his brother, Arnaud, with whom, aged 25, he created the ATG brand for: Arnaud et Thierry Gillier.

In 1992, the two brothers went their separate ways to pursue other adventures. Thierry Gillier looked at a new way of thinking about the textile market. He made the most of this thinking by setting up in the United States, where he started to take an interest in contemporary art. A passionate aesthete, he then started a collection which

now includes many works of art, of which hundreds are kept at the company's head office, which doubles as an exhibition space and a place of work.

In 1995, he founded his own company, Zadig & Voltaire, in homage to the philosophical Enlightenment novel "Zadig, or the Book of Fate", whose main character, Zadig, made an impression on the designer through his modernity and courage. A casual rock stylistic signature that stood out very quickly constituted the brand's identity.

The founder and Chairman of the Zadig & Voltaire Brand, Thierry Gillier expanded this French business abroad through managing an exclusive, prestigious and strategic distribution network in Europe, Asia and America.

The incarnation of a new French style of luxury, in twenty years the brand has achieved essential status with the development of a line of accessories, jewels and watches, and the creation of a record label...