FALL 2016/17

Zadig & Voltaire, always true to its rebel heart, has launched its first FALL 2016 collection in next June.
Stretch out the last days of summer with the return of classic pastel colours like lilac and mauve. Free-spirited, like its dresses with flower prints and transparent touches. Elegance flows from the leather fringes of its jackets, skirts and ranger boots.
The structured hippy-chic looks stroll light-footed in the autumn sun along the streets of Paris. Long or short camisoles — a staple — gently, irresistibly drape your skin in their wandering silhouettes. Sensual under a denim shirt dress or an oversized masculine knit. A knit coat or an iconic military jacket will keep you feeling warm and protected. Contrast is key.
While the camel-coloured heat wafts over suede, coats and oversized wool knits, denim is worn effortlessly as a shirt dress or baggy pants under a blue-jean sky; or as a high-waisted, non-stretch casual denim skirt with a sweatshirt and sneakers.
The essential black suit gets a new look with its tapered pant bottoms and the stand-up collar on its buttonless blazer. A casual look, like mauve chinos accentuated by a matching velours jacket.
As coloured scarves blow in the wind, the rock n' roll autumn at Zadig & Voltaire's is artsy, casual, elegant and full of love — showcasing the timeless modernity of a true woman.

Contacts presse

55-57, RUE SAINT ROCH / 75001 PARIS
TEL. +33 (0)1 73 13 95 88 /




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