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“The original idea behind Zadig & Voltaire is to create “affordable luxury”. From the beginning, Zadig & Voltaire has naturally established itself as a “concept-store-designer” ahead of its time. Zadig & voltaire is a breath of fresh air, a dream-factory, a producer of designs (…) my wish was also to create a french brand and a specific distribution network.” Thierry Gillier

Be the parisian fashion house that is a byword for modern couture, aiming for exclusive and trendsetting fashion, creating a young and free style that is in perpetual movement, open to the world and actively part of it.
Be a breath of fresh air in the world of fashion: bring women more liberty, freedom of movement, comfort, style and a sense of adventure.
Follow a brand concept that constantly seeks renewal, offers a way of life / an attitude, be more conceptual / artistic.
Offer collections based on wardrobe essentials with a modern twist, up-to-the-minute trends, a definitively Zadig stance, with bold accessories defining the look