For Cecilia Bönström, this season is based on a great desire for softness. To keep the spring-summer 2016 collection authentic, the look of the Zadig & Voltaire girl remains as the natural instinct to distort the male image, and breathe a little sensuality into it: her taste for lines which run over the body, govern its inimitable style.

The key color: white. The ultimate synthesis of all others, it gives this collection a sense of purity, and romanticism, which is decidedly not insipid. This natural white is surrounded by a vintage powder, a pale grey, printed liberty, leopard motifs, and also by a lively pink color and cowboy trim. In the same vein, the veil of cotton, silk, muslin, cashmere, and lace, is interspersed with denim, leather, studs, and metallic threads.

Keith Richards. His silhouette inspires a timeless look which mixes volumes and fine lines with mottled, black and white long johns, a wispy blouse whose fragility is supported by a long, fine scarf, tied simply around the neck. A small, deep-blue-and-white-spangled jacket descends from there with a pajama-striped shirt underneath. The truly Zadig women’s outfit touches down in tone-on-tone malabar pink stars. The fluidity of a silk and lace camisole worn under a large patchwork mesh waistcoat is broken by leather breeches studded with flowers. The soft dresses in brightly cut white cotton are worn underneath a short camouflage jacket. The ones in pointed muslin with tissue shoulders, threaded with gold and silver or studded with flowers, soften a khaki cloth army jacket. The leather skinny jeans with zipped pockets, the iconic leather remodelled into an overall dress, take on the cotton blouse with puffed sleeves.

Kurt Cobain. A music which comes from deep down in the soul. His always-calculated wrecked look, and his truly authentic unplugged melodies, left their mark on the history of rock. It is him that one thinks of in front of the frayed denim silhouettes, struck by motifs created for Zadig & Voltaire by the Japanese artist Ohtake. Worn shorts, high-waisted jeans, and straight skirts, are embellished with these disturbed drawings, associated all over with printed silky bomber jackets.

I should have been a cowboy” murmured Cecilia Bönström last summer… The Zadig girl has not deviated from this desire: her large belt with an eagle buckle, dress and trimmed deer jacket, breeches, two-tone leather cowboy boots cut like flames, matched with small pockets based on the same design, are there to prove it. Small multi-colored patchwork bags made of multicolor python (saffron, turquoise, fuchsia…) and suede fringe bags, pierced with silver jewelery, add a little sun to the look.

The Candide bag returns in new colors and also a new version with zipper details but preserves its clasp lock placed at the end of one side.

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